My name is Francess Bangura. I am 10 years old a British born of Sierra Leone parents. On the 5th Nov. 2021 a tragic fire disaster befell our people in Freetown, resulting in many loss of lives and properties. I am kindly asking everyone to give a hand. Please donate. Visit my  Go Fund Me page.     

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Helping to make a difference to the lives of children who are less opportuned


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Your donations are very valuable. Donations will be used in the building of a school house and school meals


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Volunteering is about doing something to help others, by giving a little bit of your time. It helps to connect to others, directly or indirectly in a meaningful way. A little help from you can make a great difference in lives of children who are less opportuned ... Help us to collect books, toys, used children’s clothes, and tell others about Kids Matter Initiative. 



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