My name is Francess Bangura. I am 9 year-old.  My parents are from Sierra Leone. I am in  St Francis R.C primary School in London. I attend ballet classes and in my school choir.  I like helping children in need. I would like to be a paediatric Doctor when I grow up.

I am touched by photos of children who are less privileged to go to school. Images of children starving and dying of malnutrition and inadequate health support are even more shocking and heart brooking for me.

I must say, we, children here, are blessed in the sense that we have the right to free education, healthcare and protection which most children around the world don’t have. I, for sure, went to nursery, pre-school and I am in primary yr 4 right now; I had books to learn from, toys to play with, school meals and all that ..

I have been supporting children within the MASILIKA community in Sierra Leone ‘my parent’s home land’ for a while, by collecting and sending school books, toys and used clothing and other items.

I need your support or help to continue with my endeavours. Please donate and support my course to ensure the life of every child matters. Help me achieve my goals by putting a smile on the faces of children who deserve to live and access basics life support through my initiatives.

 Every little matters.

Please donate your unwanted school books, toys, and clothes. Any cash donations will go towards the building of their school premises. Food donations such as rice, tinned food, drinks.. are also welcome, and will help to provide school meals for the children.

Special thank to all my friends who have donated their unwanted books and clothes, to my parents for being very supportive, and to uncle Wilson for helping me to create this website.

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Volunteering is about doing something to help others, by giving a little bit of your time. It helps to connect to others, directly or indirectly in a meaningful way. A little help from you can make a great difference in lives of children who are less opportuned ... Help us to collect books, toys, used children’s clothes, and tell others about Kids Matter Initiative. 



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